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8-9-10 8-9-10

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acoustic goodness

Once again, give me a holler if you want me to hi-fi some of your songs up. It's such a good song!!! You are a pretty good composer, I wanna hear some of your improv though!

Not Too Far Not Too Far

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Just jokin, it's actually a pretty good song. As for that hum in the background I could get rid of it for you in your later songs if you want.

Fuckin American Fuckin American

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I'm American! But yeah I would eat it...

Ltblackshadow responds:

Im amerikan too :>

It was just for stupidity.

Killer Is A Thriller Killer Is A Thriller

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Nicely played!

Nice melody, good lyrics. Only thing is you are holding back on your voice! Use more air when you sing, don't necessarily sing louder. It'll make a huge difference.

Ltblackshadow responds:

Trying... Trying... Tryin so hard. My other songs are loud and clear :D

Vortex+*~.0 Vortex+*~.0

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Ha! Just messing with you! Gave it a 7 in originality since I heard a litte Crazy Train in it. Like other have said short and sweet. Nicely done!

-Rock on!

Chronamut responds:


I havent listened to crazy train in yeeears - so any similarity is purely PURELY coincidental.. 0.o..

thanks for the review quoteman!


T7th Avenue (Tankmen theme) T7th Avenue (Tankmen theme)

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another great song!

Good beat, great instrumentals, only complaint is like the other reviewer the trumpet, maybe a real bass would fit in nicely 2. Lovin those jazz solos!


T7online responds:

Thank you for the nice words, i agree, real brass would be awesome but unfortunatly i don't have very many contacts who can actually play those damn horns.

Name that Riff XI Name that Riff XI

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I'm stumped....

Just kidding, it's Purple Haze!

LoP2 OST - It's friggin Tom! LoP2 OST - It's friggin Tom!

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Awesome as always!

The flanger effect gave the intro a nice touch. Can't think of anything that needs improvement. Lead guitar was pretty awesome too!

P.S. You never seem to be on messenger, where are u man!

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Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I go on at odd times, for brief periods. I haven't seen you either. Our time zones aren't that messed up either.
Anyways, thanks for the cool review, we'll catch up I'm sure.\m/

Highway To Bliss Highway To Bliss

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First download off Newgrounds in weeks!

Even though you called it a latin pop track it really sounded a little more jazzy to me (which is a good thing), especially in the instrumental. The only think that really got to me was the... I guess it's like a wood block thing.. sounded like a metronome keeping time moreso than a instrument (I know it had a rhythm, just my 2 cents) I say replace it with a cymbal and give it much less time in the song (or you could even just make the drum set more prominent to fill in the mix). I also wanted to say that your voice's volume skyrocketed at some sylables.(particularly the "sphere" sound). Besides that it was an awesome song. 5 and a download from me!

P.S. It's really fun to solo to on the guitar!
P.S.S. Just got a good intrument patch chord so u might me hearing some *gasp!* halfway decent music from me!

T7online responds:

Please note that i did put the track in the jazz category :)

And about the vocal skyrocketing, i think you're right about it, i'll put a compressor on the vocals to help smooth it out.

Great review!


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The riffmaster strikes again!

Everything sounded awesome. Possibly one of the best songs to headbang to.... ever....

-Keep rockin \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

wow, awesome review man, glad to see you out and about!\m/